Telling Time Worksheets

Being able to read a clock is a vital skill and students can master this skill with the help of telling time worksheets. These worksheets are the perfect tool to learn and understand the different aspects of clock reading.

Benefits of Telling Time Worksheets

Reading a clock becomes easy with regular practice but certain readings like quarter past the hour and half past the hour can still trouble students. That's where the role of time telling worksheets comes into play. With the help of different tools like clock visuals and guidance in these math worksheets, students can easily learn how to read the time.

Telling time worksheets can give students a step-by-step guide to reading time on a clock and help them understand different concepts like months, years, leap, weeks, etc.

Download Printable Telling Time Worksheet PDFs

In order to get maximum benefits, students need to download the PDF formats of these worksheets and practice questions on a daily basis.

Telling Time Worksheet - 1

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Telling Time Worksheet - 2

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Telling Time Worksheet - 3

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Telling Time Worksheet - 4

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