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Summer Camps for Kids: 10 Ideas

June 15, 2020

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Finally, it's that time of the year for which every student craves. It's time to do all the fun activities along with a bit of learning. It's summertime. 

How do you keep your kids entertained and active during the summer season? Do you get involved with them in the activities they perform? How often are those activities a learning experience for your child? To answer all these questions, we bring forward a list of fun-filled, exciting, and challenging ideas for summer camp activities. These summer camp ideas include games, crafts, projects, experiments, and more. These summer camp activities will keep your child engaged and delighted throughout that learning process.


We have curated this article in three stages:

  • Summer camp activities for KG-Class 2

  • Summer camp ideas for Class 3-Class 5

  • Summer camp details for Class 6-Class 10


These three stages are divided into two parts:

  • General Activities for children

  • Activities provided by Cuemath

Here is our compilation of various summer camp activities for kids which will make their vacations much more lively and entertaining through fun-oriented activities and learnings.


Summer camp activities for KG-Class 2

There can be a number of summer camp courses and activities that can be planned for the children studying in class KG to class 2. These activities focus on learning through performance.

  1. Storytelling

Encourage creativity among the kids. Let them write their story ideas on a piece of paper, then fold them up and put them in a jar. Ask the other group of students to pick a sheet and show their theatrical skills. Another thing in the same process is encouraging students to read and recite stories in a manner filled with drama and emotions.


  1. Indoor games

There are a number of indoor games that encourage various kinds of learning for a child. These indoor games range from ludo, snakes and ladders, monopoly, counting sticks, building bricks, etc. There are a number of games which help children to develop their mathematical and other skills also like sudoku, ken ken, crosswords, tangrams, etc.


  1. Painting

Colouring and painting are the most loved activities among children. Encourage them to sit in a place that will foster creativity and help them draw things related to nature. In the due course, teach them more about colors, objects, and figures, etc.


  1. Scavenger hunt

This is an activity wherein kids are encouraged to find all the items which are mentioned on a list in the minimum time span. This game helps them to develop their decision-making abilities. It is also loved because it is a kind of treasure hunt.

At Cuemath, our summer camps for this category have a number of activities which are focused both towards mathematics and other domains. Some of these activities are Origami, decorate objects, colour and count, join the dots, spot the difference, and word hunt. These activities are related to crafts and extra-curriculars. We also have activities related to mental build-up like Sudoku, Tangram, Math crossword, Tic Tac Toe, Understanding a computer, secret messages, coded pictures and smart instructions and so on. These activities keep the students encouraged to learn new things. It also helps us to build a healthy and positive teacher-child relationship which helps the children throughout their learning process.


Summer camp ideas for Class 3-Class 5

  1. Creating a diary

Having a daily diary is one of the best habits that a person can develop. Summertime is one of the best times to start with this fun activity. Maintaining a daily diary will help the child to understand more about themselves and will also keep them boosted to do better the next time.


  1. Imbibe Practicality

Students who are in this standard are very much open to creativity and learning. Therefore, it is encouraged that they are shown different practical aspects of topics which they learn in the school during the summertime. For example, they can be asked to add up the total shopping bills, understand fractions through paper folds, understanding patterns by visualizing various objects, etc.


  1. Comic Strip

By this standard, students already learn about thinking and drawing. Therefore, they can be encouraged to display their stories in the form of a comic strip which will facilitate both learning and creating along with visualization.


  1. Cooking

This is the perfect time to make your child start to get involved in daily household chores. You can start cooking and make them understand what are the different recipes and items used.

Cuemath has a whole different set of summer camp activities that are planned for students who are in class 3 to class 5. These activities are a little advanced when compared to the previous topics which we covered. Some of these activities are Make Me Symmetrical, Math Car Racing, Futoshiki, Origami, Logic Grid, Jumble, Fraction Tree, Geometric Infinite Tiles, Word Hunt, Multiplication Grid, Spot the difference, Tangram, Crossword, Sudoku, Super Tic Tac Toe, and Four in a row, etc. We also focus on coding activities like binary numbers, image representation, text compression, algorithms, sequential search, error detection, and understanding encryption etc. These sets of activities are a little more academically oriented but are equally fun as it was in the case for students who are studying in class KG to class 2.


Summer camp details for Class 6-Class 10

  1. Personality development classes

In these classes, students are taught more about developing their personality and showcasing it towards others. They are taught speaking skills, writing skills, actions and dramas, decision making, etc. These personality development classes are equally fun and are much more important for the lifetime of the child.


  1. Camping

We Believe that by this age, students are able to manage themselves independently. Therefore, we encourage students to go out for hiking, trekking, and camping. These experiences are great learning for a child's development process. It helps students with self-control and self-development and also facilitates teamwork and coordination.


  1. Craftwork

Students, by now, can be encouraged to make models of different topics and concepts which they learn in the class during the summertime. These working models can be a great learning experience for a child because they undergo proper research while making them.


  1. Collection

Having a collection of your own is something you can always be proud of. Summertime is the best time to expand your collection base. Collections can range from coins to bottle caps.

At Cuemath, there are various activities that we encourage students to perform during their summer camps like Origami, Poster making, Join the dots, Futoshiki, Loop-the-Loop, Kaboom, Tangrams, Logic Grid, Math Anagrams, Dominoes, Super Tic-Tac-Toe, Relative Fractions, Crossword, Universal Calendar, etc. On the coding front we teach students with binary numbers, image representation, text compression, algorithms, sequential search, error detection, and understanding encryption etc. The level of difficulty for the summer camp activities which are planned for class 6 to class 10 is even more. This involves much more physical activities that require strength and is good for the child’s mental development.


As seen above, there can be a varied range of activities for different age groups which can be performed during the summertime. You can easily find the summer camp details on a number of websites. These summer camp courses will encourage your child to stay positive and develop the spirit of learning and competitiveness.

At Cuemath, our summer camps are of 12 hours which is divided into 12 sessions. It includes a number of assignments, fun activities, and math activities. We also teach our students coding activities which are an add on to the mathematics activities. These coding activities are divided into six online activities and six offline activities. All these activities are conducted at our Cuemath centers either on tablets or on pen and paper.

Cuemath is a perfect platform for your child which provides them with online live classes, mental games, simulations, puzzles, activities, and study material. It provides your child with easy to access support and easy to learn content. Our team of dedicated faculty ensures a helping hand at every step of their learning process. We make sure that we help your child attain a bright and prospering career in mathematics by laying a strong foundation for them. We ensure to provide unconditional support to them because we believe that learning should never be stopped. With Cuemath's Live Online Classes you will get a 100% personalized course, instant doubt clearing, and India's best math teachers.

Enjoy the study. Best of luck!


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