IMO 2020 (Level 1) Sample Papers for Class 1

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  • Class 1 Sample Paper for the first level of the International Math Olympiad (IMO) is provided below. You can download this sample paper and refer to it for preparing for the exam. The sample paper covers the entire syllabus of Class 1 which is included in the MTG book of SOF-IMO 2020 as listed below:
Knowledge Ability
1. Number sense 1. Patterns
2. Addition 2. Measuring Units
3. Subtraction 3. Geometrical Shapes
4. Lengths, weights and comparison 4. Odd One Out
5. Time 5. Spatial Understanding
6. Money 6. Grouping
7. Geometrical Shapes 7. Analogy
  8. Ranking Test


  • The sample paper contains detailed solutions and provides step by step explanation for all the problems. Many questions that need pictorial explanations are also provided with diagrams and theoretical solutions. These solutions will help the students to prepare their level best for the IMO exam.
  • The sample paper is designed by our inhouse Cuemath math experts to make students familiar with the syllabus covered and pattern followed in the IMO exam. This will help them make a smart plan and strategy to ace the final test.
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Class 1 | Sample Papers
IMO Sample Papers Class 1
Class 1 | Sample Papers 2020
IMO Sample Paper Class 1
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