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Why Solving IMO Sample Papers Is Important?  

  • IMO (International Maths Olympiad) is a competitive exam in Mathematics conducted annually for school students. It encourages children to develop their math solving skills from a competition perspective.
  • Maths Olympiad books for class 1 to class 12 are available as a reference for learning and understanding Math fundamentals. Revision of topics can be done by solving relevant math problems consistently using Math Olympiad for class 1 to 12 worksheets.
  • Maths Olympiad syllabus, exam format, and focus are very different from the typical school maths. School maths exams focus on memorizing formulae and theorems. School exams test your child’s ability to solve straight forward questions. Math Olympiad problems test your child’s conceptual understanding and practical application skills in mathematics.
  • Hence, your child must go through solved examples related to the application of any math theory and try to solve similar types later on. On completion of the syllabus, he or she needs to solve sample papers.
  • See this interview where a rank holder talks about her journey to acing the olympiad, Interview with an Olympiad rank holder

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Here are the benefits that you can provide your child by providing motivation to solve the IMO Sample Papers.

  1. Familiarisation with question types and paper format
    Your child may be good at solving problems topic wise. But to understand how the real IMO paper is like, sample papers need to be solved.

  2. Understanding stamina requirements of the IMO paper
    Attempting full-length paper will test your child’s mental as well as physical fitness. As this exam is quite stressful, you can try and help your child with techniques to calm down, develop a suitable temperament to tackle any question and also plan an appropriate diet to improve physical stamina. Proper time management and speed improvement techniques can be devised after solving sample papers.

  3. Exposure to a vast reservoir of questions
    Maths Olympiad for class 1 to 12 previous question papers will expose your child to a wide variety of questions.  This can aid preparation as it will give a fair idea of what to expect in such exams. Also, the boredom of practicing the same worksheets repeatedly can be eliminated with the new Math Olympiad Sample Paper questions.
  4. Identification of weak and strong areas
    Solving a lot of questions related to a particular topic definitely is a confidence-boosting exercise. However, a sample paper will contain questions related to multiple topics and that’s the acid test of your child’s understanding and application skills. This will help to discover his or her areas of strength and weaknesses. You can then plan revision strategies for weak areas.
  5. Exposure to multiple problems solving techniques
    Detailed solutions of the sample papers, provided by Cuemath can help augment understanding and improve the problem-solving skills of your child. This will reinforce learning in the process and also increase confidence.
  6. Gauge performance against a standard
    Cuemath IMO sample papers are set by highly experienced and talented teachers. These standardized papers will also have improvised Math Olympiad sample questions which your child can get exposed to early on. Performance in these papers can give a realistic view of your child’s skills.

Finally, Subject matter experts at Cuemath ensure that their sample paper solutions are detailed and explanatory enough. It focuses on helping a child extract vital information within the problem and adopt a reasoning approach. With their focus on building strong conceptual foundations through effective teaching content, specialized methodology, expertise and vast repository of IMO Olympiad Sample papers and IMO Mock Tests, Cuemath can make that vital difference to your child’s IMO journey and help your child bag the IMO gold medal.

Cuemath Olympiad (CMO) Results 2019

  • Cuemath recently organized its 1st edition of Math Olympiad in November 2019 (Round 1) and January 2020 (Round 2).
  • A nation-wide test to unearth the best math minds, the 2019 Olympiad welcomed over 11850 students to participate in Round 1 and over 4159 students in Round 2.
  • The most-awaited results for the 2019 Cuemath Olympiad have been released on our website!
  • Visit Cuemath Olympians 2019 to check the final results.