How to earn money from home in Chennai?

How to earn money from home in Chennai?

Teach part-time from home
Flexible working hours
Earn attractive income
Get started easily

Job opportunities at Cuemath

Job opportunities that help you earn money from home are increasingly gaining traction all over the world, especially in education rich cities such as Chennai where more and more people chose to work independently and remotely from their home on projects they have a say in. Such jobs benefit both the employer and the worker. For every employee who chooses to work from home, the company saves cost.

Apart from that working from home also has its own benefits. It has been proven that work from home jobs resulted in higher productivity and less stress.

One of the most prevalent ways to earn money from home in cities like Chennai has always been that of tutoring. Many women all across Chennai chose to give back to the community in terms of teaching children various subjects such as Arts, Science and Math. One of the giants in the industry of educational service providers is Cuemath.

Cuemath provides women in Chennai with the perfect opportunity to earn money from home by teaching math to children from KG-6th grade.

Become a Cuemath Teacher Partner

Conduct Cuemath classes online from home and teach math to 1st to 10th grade kids. Our tech-enabled learning material will be provided through structured online worksheets and specialized apps.

Work from Home
Take Cuemath Classes Online and provide a world-class math education to children.
Use the Best Math Learning System
We will equip you with a multi-channel approach to teach math in the best way. All the teaching material you would need would be provided by us.
Get Training & Marketing Support
We will provide you with the training and certification along with all the marketing support you need to get students for your centre.
Earn Attractively
We offer you the opportunity to earn upto Rs. 40,000 per month, working from the comfort of your home.
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Share and exchange ideas with 700+ like-minded women in Chennai who are successfully running falsehome-based math learning centres

Cuemath teachers in India

Cuemath students in India


At Cuemath, we offer women an opportunity to start a teaching career from their home. We train & certify them to run their home-based math centres. We also help them get students and get started easily.

As a Cuemath teacher, you will teach KG to 6th grade children from the comfort of your home using material provided by Cuemath.
Job Location
Employment Type
Education Requirements:
The applicant should have studied math upto grade 10
Earn upto Rs. 40,000 per month based on the number of students you teach
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cuemath the right way to earn money from home for me?
Cuemath may not be the right opportunity for everyone. There are a few factors that can cause prospective teachers to believe that Cuemath is not a suitable opportunity for them, such as:
  • The selection process to become a Cuemath teacher partner is stringent.
  • When you operate your own center, you are not an employee, you are an entrepreneur.
  • And this can include responsibilities of canvassing for your center’s growth. Some teachers fear they have not done this before and are unsure if they can succeed(Have no fear, it is not any different from talking about your goals, and mostly you have to talk to parents like yourself, so you can speak from your own experience).
  • Managing younger students feels difficult(but most parents are very comfortable with this as they have learnt how to manage their own children).
If any of the above feels like a big no, then this opportunity is not for you. However Cuemath will first train and certify you before you begin your center. Also you can meet existing teachers and learn from them how they operate their centers.
    How much can I earn as a Cuemath teacher?
    As a Cuemath teacher, your earnings will depend on the location of your center in Chennai, the number of students you have in your batch and the fee prices in Chennai. However a Cuemath teacher can earn upto Rs. 40,000 from home.
    What criteria do I need to fulfill to earn money online as a Cuemath teacher?
    Cuemath looks at a variety of criteria when selecting an applicant to be a Cuemath teacher. Some of the criteria’s that Cuemath checks are:
    • The applicant’s education qualifications
    • Time commitment from the applicant
    • Sufficient space at home to accommodate 6 students for running the centre
    • Continuity of the centre for a minimum of 1 year