Clock Worksheets

Clock worksheets teach students one of the most important skills, which is recognizing the different kinds of clocks available today, i.e., analog and digital. It teaches students reading the time for each clock. These worksheets help in improving life skills in recognizing the time and math skills in calculating the exact time.

Benefits of Clock Worksheets

Clock worksheets encourage students to get familiar with writing and reading time with the help of various clocks displayed in front of them. Students are shown a time on an analog clock and asked to write the time in digital form. Hence, these math worksheets provide a visual representation of the clocks that help students understand the concept better. Clock worksheets also provide practice questions on calculating time manually, i.e., either add or subtract from the given time, convert minutes to seconds, and write the exact time looking at the hour, minute, and second hands.

Download Printable Clock Worksheet PDFs

For thorough practice, students can download the clock worksheets in PDF format for free and get better at this important life skill.

Clock Worksheet - 1

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Clock Worksheet - 2

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Clock Worksheet - 3

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Clock Worksheet - 4

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