Fourth Root Calculator

What is a Fourth Root Calculator?

A 'Fourth Root Calculator' is an online tool that gives the fourth root value of a number. Cuemath's online fourth root calculator helps you to calculate the fourth root of a number within a few seconds.

Note: Enter a number up to 4 digits.

What is the Fourth Root of a Number?

The Fourth Root of a number is a number that, when multiplied by itself four times, gives the product as the original number. Let us understand this better with an example.

Let us find the fourth root of 16.

We know that, 24 = ( 2 × 2 × 2 × 2) = 16

Here 2 is called the Fourth Root of 16. 16 is the number. So, the Fourth Root of 16 is 2.

How to Use the Fourth Root Calculator?

Follow these steps which will help you to use the calculator.

  • Step 1: Enter a number in the input box.
  • Step 2: Click on "Calculate" to find the Fourth Root value of the number.
  • Step 3: Click on "Reset" to clear the field and enter the new number.

How to Find Fourth Root of a number?

The Fourth Root of a number 'n' can be written as '√n'. It means that there is a number 'a' when multiplied again with 'a' gives 'n': 

a × a × a × a = n 

This can also be written as:
a4 = n or a = 4√n 

So, a is equal to the Fourth Root of n.

Now, if n = 89, then a = √89 is the Fourth Root of 89. In the radical form, the Fourth Root of 89 can be represented by 4√89. 

The Fourth Root of 89 = 3.07  in the decimal form up to 2 decimal places. 

Solved Example:

Find the Fourth Root of 4096.


We know that Fourth Root of a number(n), a = \(\sqrt[4]{number,n}\)

\(a = \sqrt[4]{n}\\ \,\,\,= \sqrt[4]{4096} \\ \,\,\,= \sqrt{8 \times 8\times 8\times 8}\\ \,\,\,= 8 \)

Therefore, 8 is the Fourth Root of 4096.

Now, try the calculator to the Fourth Root of the following numbers.

  • 256
  • 1156

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