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50 Block Games Activities for Kids


June 18, 2020

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Block games for kids are not just a mere game that kills time. On the contrary, it equips your child with life skills that will help them in the long run. Games are part and parcel of a human’s life right from their toddler stage. 

So what makes block games different from other conventional games? 

Childhood experts believe that every child should have access to block games for various reasons.

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So what is the importance of asserting the necessity of block games in children’s lives? Here are some of the major skills that your child earn by playing block games:-

  • Problem-solving skills

Block games for kids equip them with essential problem-solving skills and prepare them for the battle of life. Educators observe that block games are designed in such a way that it promotes problem-solving skills and decisiveness in children.

  • Imagination and creativity 

With block games, children can explore their imagination and fuel their creativity. They can experiment with the blocks and this in turn creates a better thinking approach in the child. Blocks can be moved to form different shapes according to the creativity of the child. When it comes to block games for kids, there is no boundary for creativity. 

  • Express their own self 

For many children, block game is a mode of self-expression. For young dual learners, block games are a medium for communication beyond the barrier of languages.

  • Mathematics and geometry

Block games are basically geometry for kids. It introduces children to new concepts and possibilities of mathematics. Kids playing with block games tend to show improved mathematical and logical reasoning when compared to the others. Through block play, children can familiarise themselves with mathematical concepts like length, measurement, comparison, number, estimation, symmetry and balance.

  • Continuity and permanence 

Block games leave an indelible mark of excellence in the kids playing block games. Block play engages spatial sense and motor abilities. Since Block games can be played in groups or as solo, it promotes building healthy relationships with oneself and others.

  • Science

Block games for kids are based on nothing but science. Block games offer opportunities to test hypotheses and build scientific reasoning.

  • Self-esteem

Children develop self-esteem when they bring their ideas into life by demolishing, transforming and recreating something unique from something as basic as blocks.

  • Social and emotional growth 

Block games for kids help them to share materials and take turns. It also helps them to build friendships, become self-reliant, increase their attention span and also to cooperate with others.

Building blocks ideas to ensure child development in many areas. It promotes the overall development of the kid. It teaches the kid early math and engineering skills by developing logical thinking and understanding. Block games for kids not only improve motor skills but also hand-eye coordination.

50 Block Game Activities for Kids

Explore some super fun block activities for kids here. Block activities for preschoolers and building blocks ideas to make your kid's leisure time more productive and rewarding. Now you can make the most of your preschoolers' block game with these fun activities.

There are nearly endless ways to play with blocks, no matter which specific types you happen to have on hand.

These are just some of the block activities for preschoolers! 

📥  50 Block Games for Kids


Wooden blocks are a staple of childhood for decades, maybe even centuries! These classic toys are easy to use for tons of easy, fun activities.

  1. Counting  Blocks

Children have a lot of fun with counting and blocks so why not pair it up and double the fun. Counting blocks introduce kids to the basic concepts of mathematics by embedding the number system within their intellect. This will have a huge impact on their logical reasoning and mathematical abilities in the coming future. There is no better way than this to make pre-schoolers excited about their learning. This makes counting blocks one of the best block activities for preschoolers. Engaging preschoolers in counting blocks is one of the most successful methods to develop their logical reasoning and mathematical abilities. 

  1. Stacking blocks

Just like counting blocks, Stacking blocks are a stapling mechanism to improve mathematical skills in the child. Along with mathematical skills, it promotes the overall development of the kid. It teaches the kid early engineering concepts and thereby they can polish their technical knowledge. 

  1. Velcro blocks 

Velcro block is the latest addition to the block category and it has already gained an appreciation for its ease of use. Velcro blocks are handy and can be made easily with scratch blocks. All you need is Velcro. 

  1. Building maze with blocks 

Blocks are one of the most vicious and versatile activities that you can engage in. With a little bit of creativity and innovation, you can do wonders with building blocks. To make a maze with blocks, you can use straws as connectors. Children develop problem-solving skills and creativity with this activity. They also feel like they are in control and this improves their presence of mind. 

  1. Filling up block space 

This is an alternative for puzzle boards. Parents can outline blocks and ask them to fill it up using the correct blocks. Trace out the blocks in a paper and ask your kid to fill in space. This will enlighten them about the different perspectives of a 3-dimensional figure. 

  1. Blocks as dice 

Get your Block game to another level by making it play the roll of dice. You can play many games with your block dice and be productive in your free time. 

  1. Blocks on the sticky easel

This activity is all about engaging your child in arranging blocks on a sticky surface. This gives them a better vision and good posture. 

  1. Measure your body with blocks  

Children love to learn about themselves and what better way to learn about themselves than this. They can measure their body with blocks and thereby they get to learn about their biological and physical self along with building mathematical abilities. 

  1. Tower building contest 

This is an interactive activity and mostly concentrates on building social cooperation along with analytical and geometrical skills. 

  1. Floor puzzles with blocks 

Blocks can be multi-purposed by using them as puzzles. And there’s no need to say that preschoolers love solving puzzles. 

  1. Block bowling 

Children can arrange blocks and bowl. This improves their concentration, attention and aiming skills. 

  1. Sorting blocks 

Who knew sorting blocks could be an excellent block activity for preschoolers. This improves their awareness of classification and known varieties. 

  1.  Sorting blocks as a graph 

Compared to the previous one, this activity is a more structured and challenging one. Creating graphs with blocks improves their designing and building ability and is a clever building blocks idea. 

  1.  Incorporate math skills while cleaning up unit blocks

Ask the child to count the blocks while cleaning up. 

  1.  Awareness about weight 

Unit blocks can give the child a vivid perspective about weights. 

  1.  Knowing patterns 

Children get introduced to different patterns and they get to make their own with blocks. 

  1.  Building figures by referring to photos

This is a very effective activity that’ll improve the practical and logical analysis of the child. This activity also improves creativity and innovation. 

  1.  Letter blocks 

Blocks can be used as a medium for learning spelling and language by using this activity. 

  1.  Counting with blocks and dice 

Ask your child to roll a dice and stack the same number of blocks. This sharpens their concentration power and numerical skills. 

  1.  Shape matching with blocks 

Draw shapes and ask your child to find the right block for that shape. 

  1.  Shadow drawing 

Tracing shadows from the blocks will provide the child with insight into projections. 

  1.  Making instructions

Try to make instructions and figures using blocks. 

  1.  Making letters with blocks and lego

This will improve their alphabetical knowledge. 

  1.  Printing with Legos 

Blocks can be used as printing blocks to accelerate the imagination of children 

  1.  Lego cards 

Make or draw cards from Legos by using them as an outline model. 

  1.  Spelling with blocks or Legos 

Learn to spell by assigning alphabets on different blocks. 

  1.  Easy art for kids 

Use Legos as a stencil to create art. All you need is Legos, paint and paper.

  1.  Mix and match puzzles 

Print categories on paper and stick it to a lego. For instance print domestic and wild animals and stick them in different Legos. Now ask your child to identify them

  1.  Baby block painting

Use blocks to avoid messy painting in toddlers and preschoolers.

  1.  Innovating games to learn about hygiene 

For instance, ask your child to floss between blocks to make them aware of dental hygiene.

  1.  Structure testing 

Learning about new structures is easy with blocks.

  1.  Stability testing

Your child gets exposed to the factors of stability whilst playing with blocks

  1.  Playdough and blocks

Play doughs are more fun with blocks as they can be used as a frame for creating models.

  1.  Lego printing

Use Legos for printing.

  1.  Patterning with Legos

Print or instruct different patterns with Legos.

  1.  Learning

Learning can be more fun with blocks.

  1.  Make rainbow

 With the variety of colours in Legos, one can make rainbows.

  1.  Measurements with Legos 

Learn to measure absolutely anything by Stacking Legos.

  1.  Make buildings 

This is basic yet the most engaging and rewarding activity with blocks

  1.  Make vehicles

Not just buildings, make moving formations with blocks.

  1.  Make ice cubes with Legos

This might seem trivial but trust me it is so much fun for the kids.

  1.  Learn symmetry with blocks

Not just symmetry, blocks can help us learn a lot of mathematical concepts.

  1.  Stem Building challenge 

Make a track with lego and put a marble through it. This is a fun learning activity.

  1.  Build name towers 

Build name towers with blocks.

  1.  Build a block city 

It helps in developing archetypes of assembling and planning skills.

  1.  Letter matching and recognition game

Improves concentration and attention to detail. 

  1.  Build and paint activity

This is a two in one activity where the child can build and paint simultaneously.

  1. Counting Blocks with building towers

A very engaging activity to improve mathematical reasoning.

  1.  Block printing

Printing can be a lot of fun with blocks.

  1.  ABC blocks

ABC Blocks can be used to help the child learn spellings of tough words.


Block games for kids is a leading game and with these activities, your child can explore the possibilities of effortless learning. They improve concentration, attention, logical, arithmetic, technical, artistic, linguistic and creative skills in their preschooler.

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