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20 Best Brain Teasers for Kids


June 30, 2020

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Funny teaser questions with answers are cherished by kids of all ages. The questions are challenging and tricky enough to spark your kid’s young mind. Spend some time with your child unraveling brain teasers with inquisition and curiosity to bond and laugh together.

Brain Teasers for Kids

A variety of brain teasers for kids are now available in activity books, school textbooks, and online platforms. These brain teasers with answers can comprise puzzles, riddles, and math brain teasers to enhance learning capability in kids. Regular classroom learning programs may get mundane and boring without challenges and tricky teasers.

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Teachers and educators have realized the potential and impact of this learning method that is now being inculcated in school and preschool curriculum. 

We will go through 20 fun and interesting brain teasers for kids with answers that you can share with your child at home.

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📥 20 Best Brain Teasers for Kids


20 Easy brain teasers for kids with answers

  1. You can see me increase but I will never decrease, who am I?


Explanation: As we grow old our age keeps increasing but there is no way we can reverse our age.

  1. Seema has 3 apples, 2 bananas, 6 cherries, and 2 oranges. Sweety has 4 blueberries, 1 apple, and 4 bananas. Anand is a baker who makes tasty fruit cakes with only 2 fruits of the same kind in one cake. If Seema gives him 2 apples, 1 banana, 3 cherries, 1 orange and Sweety gives him 2 blueberries, 1 apple, and 1 banana. How many cakes will Anand Bake?

Anand will bake only 4 cakes

Explanation: Anand received 11 fruits in total. He made 1 apple cake, 1 banana cake, 1 blueberry cake, and 1 cherry cake as all these fruits had one pair each. Anand cannot bake cake in fractions and therefore needs a pair of the same fruit to make one cake. He has 1 apple, 1 cherry and 1 orange remaining, these are called remainders in mathematics.  

  1. I run and I fly but I don’t stop. Guess who I am?


Explanation: Time flies and we keep running out of time. But we can never stop time. 

  1. I am yours and you need me very much. But you let people use me more often than you do. Guess who I am?


Explanation: We all have a name but we don't use our name to address yourself.

  1. You can feel me but you can’t touch me. I can sail your ship to a distant island or I can sink your ship with a raging blow. Who am I?

Air or Wind

Explanation: We can feel the wind but we cannot touch the wind. We need wind in the sail to navigate a ship but a cyclone can sink the ship. 

  1. How many times will you fold a 2inch X 4inch rectangle to get a triangle?

2 times

Explanation: Fold the rectangle once into a square and fold the square again to get a triangle.

  1. I come twice in Morning and Evening but only once at night. Guess who I am?

The letter “N”

Explanation: The alphabet “N” is present twice in the words Morning and Evening but only once in the word Night.

  1. How can you get a seven out of two match sticks without adding any more match sticks?

Arrange the two match sticks in numeric seven “7”

Explanation: “7” is a numeric number made of two lines and therefore the two matchsticks can be arranged to make a seven.

  1. Light is my life, I exist only when there is light. But light has the might to kill me right away. Can you guess who I am?


Explanation: Shadows do not exist in darkness, they exist only where there is light. But if a light is flashed on a shadow, it no longer exists.

  1. Get 1234 by arranging and adding ten ones.

1+11+111+1111 = 1234

Explanation:The arrangement or grouping of one’s will keep changing the total.

  1. Ria is Rohan’s sister, Raghav is Ria’s father and Raghu is Raghav’s brother. Raghu married Reema and Raghav married Reeta. Ruchi is Reeta’s daughter and Ruchika is Reema’s daughter. How is Ruchi related to Rohan?

Ruchi is Rohan’s sister

Explanation: Rohan’s father is Raghav and Raghav’s wife is Reeta. Ruchi is Reeta’s daughter, therefore she is Rohan’s sister. 

  1. When you look at a cylindrical water bottle from the top, which shape does it resemble?


Explanation: When you look at a cylinder from the top it looks like a circle but if you look at it from the front it resembles a rectangle in 2D. 

  1. You have 900ml milk in a Jug and each cup has a capacity of 100ml. How many cups will you need to distribute the milk evenly in all the cups? But remember you can only fill 3/4th of each cup. 

You will need 12 cups

Explanation: The total capacity of each cup is 100ml. But 3/4th of 100ml is 75ml.

Now divide 900ml by 75ml, it comes out to be 12. Therefore you will need 12 cups of 100ml each to distribute 900ml milk equally, when you can only fill 3/4th of each cup. 

  1. The numbers of a parking lot got shuffled, arrange them back to help people park their cars. The randomly arranged numbers are 24,40,8,32,16.

8, 16, 24, 32, 40

Explanation: Each column has eight parking spaces and the eighth row contains parking slots in the multiples of 8.

  1. How far can rats run into paddy fields?


Explanation: Once a rat has run into the center of a paddy field it keeps running out of the paddy field.

  1. A car has to reach its garage by crossing a triangular park. The roads are paved on three sides of the right-angle triangle. The car is located at the beginning of the hypotenuse road named pathway A but he can also reach the garage by crossing the other two sides respectively known as pathway B. Which pathway should he choose?

Pathway A

Explanation: The hypotenuse is always shorter than the sum of the other two sides of a triangle. Therefore the car should take pathway A.

  1. Arrange the letters V, L, E, E, L to form a word that reads the same backward and forward?


Explanation: Level is a popular palindrome.

  1.  Neena is Ramesh’s elder sister’s daughter. Ramesh’s mother is 26 years older than Ramesh’s sister Seema and 28 years older than him. Ramesh had a son two years ago and Neena is now 5 years old. Seema celebrated Neena’s first birthday when she was 23 years old. What was the age of Ramesh when his son was born?

23 years old

Explanation: Seema is 2 years older than Ramesh.

Ramesh’s son was born 2 years ago when Neena was three years old.

Seema was 23+2 = 25 (Seema was 23 when Neena was 1 year old).

Therefore Ramesh was 23 years old when his son was born.

  1.  I am soft and square, full of holes. But I still hold water, who am I?


Explanation: A sponge is soft and square, it has a lot of holes but it still soaks water. 

  1. A transport company has 2 cars, 3 scooters, and 5 bicycles. 4 people can be adjusted in a car, 2 people can be adjusted in a scooter and 1 person can be adjusted on a bicycle. Each tire will cost Rs 30 and you have Rs 300, how many people can you transport?

10 people

Explanation: You can buy 10 tires, use 8 tires for two cars, and 2 tires for a scooter. Therefore you can transport 8 people in two cars and 2 people on a scooter. 

These easy brain teasers for kids with answers will help you improve your child’s reasoning  abilities, you can also ask your child to explain their answers if they get it wrong. This will help you understand your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Math brain teasers help your kids with quantitative aptitude. 


Regular practice of challenging and funny teaser questions with answers will help you keep your child engaged and engrossed. They will show more interest in academic activities once they understand learning can be fun and interesting.

Help your kids at times to prevent them from losing interest. The explanations discussed with the questions will help you check your child’s reasoning skills. You can also share little hints to keep the activity easy going and smooth. 

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