Innovative thinking requires advanced reasoning skills

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Innovative thinking requires advanced reasoning skills

June 7, 2018

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Innovation is a buzzword in the modern world, especially in the corporate circles. If you want your child to be really successful, teach him / her to think innovatively from a very early age. If you can make your child good at it, the sky will be the limit as far as his / her career can go in the future.

What is innovation?

Innovation Is the process of  coming up with an original idea, product or device that can solve a problem that people are facing or serves a need that they have.

The best companies put a deep focus on Innovation and always look for people who are good at innovative thinking. Unfortunately, not everyone can think innovatively and there is a serious dearth of good innovative thinkers in this world.

But how do you make your child good at innovative thinking?

If you want your child to gain exceptional Innovative thinking skills, then you will have to endow him / her with advanced reasoning skills which are several notches above the regular logical reasoning skills that are taught in schools.

Advanced reasoning skills primarily consist of four areas:

Numerical Reasoning: This involves doing advanced Level calculations and solving math problems by applying logic and critical and creative thinking.

Spatial reasoning: This involves arriving at conclusions and decisions by visualising various things. It also involves reimagining the orientation of an existing object to get a new perspective.

Verbal reasoning: Those possessing advanced reasoning skills are able to solve problems verbally and think very fast. 

Vocabulary:  Those with a good vocabulary can express themselves clearly and face no problems in communicating their thoughts and ideas to others.

How are advanced reasoning skills are essential for innovative thinking?

Innovative thinking is a special skill with has to be carefully Inculcated in children from an early age so that it becomes a habit when they grow up. This is only possible if they require a remarkable level of proficiency in mathematics, logical reasoning and language. It comes through constant learning and application of the knowledge.

Encourage your child to go beyond the obvious and think deeply. Develop the habit of evaluating alternative solutions to arrive at the best possible one. Through constant guidance and support, you can make your child acquire the skills of innovative thinking which will prove to be highly valuable in giving them a remarkable career and life when they grow up.

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