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Math Projects : 20 Simple and Interesting Ideas


23 January 2021

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Mathematics is not about understanding different things and concepts; it is about getting used to them by applying the concepts in everyday tasks.

What could be a better way to learn these applications other than interesting maths projects which facilitate both creativity and knowledge.

These projects on mathematics give an understanding of how mathematics works. Mathematics is in and around you everywhere in the form of numbers, shapes, sizes, volume, weight, etc.

Our task is to figure out and identify these numerous situations and things around us to play with numbers and concepts. 

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Math projects 

Here is a downloadable PDF that consists of Math projects for Grades 6-10. Click on the download button to explore them. Understanding and grasping the ideas of mathematics in a better way.

📥 Math projects: Grades 6-10


These maths projects help in developing very important mathematical skills like:-

  • Correlating the concepts taught in the classes with the practical applications of those concepts

  • Proving a hand on experience to the children 

  • Fostering teamwork, coordination, and communication along with creativity and knowledge

  • Understanding and grasping the ideas of mathematics in a better way

  • Visualizing the concepts in the form of diagrams, graphs, and images facilitates a better understanding

  • Improving their problem-solving skills, reasoning, and planning skills, etc.

  • Making real-life decisions that leads to a holistic approach to learning.

In this article, we have brought for you 20 topics for maths projects which will help you develop simple maths projects.

Maths project ideas for Class 6

Some of the ideas for simple maths projects for class 6 are:

  1. Number System Tree

The number system is one of the most basic concepts in mathematics. It is very important to understand the different types of numbers (order and even numbers, fractions and decimals, natural numbers, whole numbers, positive and negative numbers, etc.) and the different properties of numbers. A project for the same will help the student understand and correlate the relations between different types of numbers.

  1. Shapes and Figures

Shapes, figures, and sizes are a very important concept of geometry. A student must understand the different properties of different geometrical figures. It starts from class 6 but has various applications in higher-level education. Therefore it is very important to have a proper foundation that is only possible through a project on the same.

  1. Practical examples of different chapters

From class six onwards, students start getting exposed to different topics that have a number of practical applications like percentages, profit, and loss, interest, etc. Students can be asked to make their own problem statements by practicing creative problems with respect to the same chapters. This will help them to correlate the concepts with the practical world.

  1. History of maths and different topics

It is very important to understand the history or the background of a subject or a topic before starting to learn more about it. But, because of the curriculum norms, this very important aspect is skipped from the school syllabus. Projects can be a great way to help students do research about it. This will facilitate better knowledge and understanding.

  1. Conversions

There can be a project work that is specifically dedicated to conversions of different things like fractions to decimals or vice versa, negative to positive or vice versa, etc. These are very simple concepts but students often tend to make mistakes because of a lack of clear understanding. Good, detailed project work will help them develop a base.

Ideas for Maths Project for Class 7

Some of the ideas for the projects on mathematics for class 7 are:

  1. Practical Applications of different chapters

As stated above, maths is a practical subject and it is very important to understand the concepts. The best way to do this will be to allow students to undergo practical examples related to different chapters and come up with creative problem statements, ideas, and solutions. For example, the student can find out the average amount spent on the purchase of different items, or he/she can find out the profit or the loss of the shopkeeper, etc.

  1. Formula lists

Making a formula list will be a great project work because it will not only help the student in the short run but also facilitate his/her learning before the exams and in the case of higher education. This will serve both as a research and as a document of reference.

  1. Puzzles and brain teasers projects

Puzzles and brain teasers are a very dynamic way of inculcating knowledge, fostering creativity, and facilitating practical viewpoints. This helps a student to think and come up with answers along with reasons to support it. It helps them in a better decision making process.

  1. Algebraic expressions 

Students are exposed to a new field of mathematics in class 7 which is algebra. Good project work can help a student to develop a strong base in understanding different algebraic equations and expressions. This project work can include a number of numerical, interesting problem statements, and mental math calculations.

  1. Sets and Venn diagrams

This is a very interesting concept but can be a confusing one if not understood properly because the concepts are somewhat overlapping with each other. There are very minute differences in this particular topic. Detailed project work can actually help a student clear all their doubts and develop a strong base for higher education.

Topics for Maths Project for Class 8

Some of the ideas for interesting maths projects for class 8 are:

  1. Construction in Geometry

A very important part of geometry is to learn constructions of different shapes and figures of different types. Learning and building the basics of construction in geometry is very important to understand various higher-level educational studies like physics and architecture. 

  1. Practical examples of different chapters

This project work is actually never-ending. Students don't learn all the concepts in a single standard. They continue learning various different concepts in different chapters that have different practical applications. Slowly, the level of difficulty keeps on increasing. Therefore it is very important to stay updated and improvise the skills through project works which allow us to correlate the concepts of the chapters with practical examples.

  1. Mensuration of figures

For the first time in class VIII, a student gets exposed to the chapter on menstruation. This chapter facilitates measurements of different things. It may include length, perimeter, area, etc. There are a number of concepts and a number of formulas that are related to this particular topic. Therefore giving good project work that helps students to understand these concepts by applying the given formulas and correlating them with the practical ships will foster growth and development in knowledge.

  1. Mirror symmetry and Reflection

Symmetry and reflection are one of the easiest concepts of mathematics. This could be a very fun and interesting project for a student wherein he will understand the difference between symmetrical and asymmetrical figures and will also develop a base for higher-level education.

  1. Making practical models for different topics

Project works can be done in two ways - (1) As mentioned above, using pen and paper by drawing various diagrams and graphs; (2) Making practical models explain different concepts. These practical models help a student to develop the power of visualization and foster teamwork and creativity. This will be a little difficult because it will require the culmination of different ideas from other subjects also. But, if done successfully, this can be a great learning experience.

Maths project ideas for Class 9-10

Some of the ideas for maths projects for class 9-10 are:

  1. Heights and Distances

A student gets exposed to the concept of trigonometry for the first time in class 9-10. This concept is very widely used to understand heights and distances which plays a very important role in practical life. This also develops a base for various higher-level studies. Students can be asked to draw diagrams and graphs and correlate the concepts with the same to develop a better understanding.

  1. Statistics and graphs

It is in class 9 that a very new dimension of mathematics opens up for the students which are known as statistics. A very important part of statistics is graphical representations that have their application in almost every sphere of knowledge. Therefore, it becomes very important to understand the basics of these concepts and good project work on this topic will definitely foster good learning.

  1. Making and understanding 3D figures

There are various 3-D figures which a student must understand, like cubes and cuboid being the basics. The calculations for these 3-D figures are not as easy as the 2-D figures. Therefore, good project work will facilitate the visualization of 3-D figures and also help students to understand the various formulas and calculations related to it.

  1. Similarity and Congruency

Another very important concept of geometry that pops up in class 9-10 is the similarity and congruency of triangles. Students often face a lot of difficulty in understanding these concepts. Therefore, a project work that has a good amount of research work with a number of assignments and questions to solve will definitely help a student to learn the concept of similarity incongruency.

  1. Mensuration and Volume

The concepts of mensuration take a whole new level in class 9-10. It brings in new concepts like surface area, volume, etc., and also brings in new figures like a cylinder, circle, cone, etc. It is equally important to understand these concepts and shapes also. Good project work will definitely foster a good knowledge of these concepts.


These were some of the most interesting lists of maths project topics that we have curated for you through this article. We hope this article was useful and will help the readers to choose some of the most interesting topics out there to learn, grow and develop. These topics are proven to be the most beneficial for students. Choose from the best, the ones which suit you the best.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the mathematical tools which are essential in building projects?

  • Compasses
  • Protractor
  • Scale
  • Graphs
  • Chart Paper (For creating shapes etc.)
  • Divider
  • Set Squares

What are different types of graphs which can be used to describe data?

  • Bar Graph - For Discrete Numerical Data
  • Pie Chart - For Percentage Data
  • Histograms - For Continuous Numerical Data
  • Line Chart - For Discrete Numerical Data (used for showing the comparison between the values)

What are different examples of Symmetrical shapes?​​​​​

  • Equilateral Triangle
  • Rectangle
  • Cardioid (Heart Shape)
  • Letter 'A'
  • Letter 'U'

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