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Find Part time jobs near me

Part time jobs are growing in popularity!

Every year over a million Indians leave the workplace seeking a better balance between life and work. While they are largely women, as they seek to balance their commitment to home and a job outside, part time roles have become more accepted as a way of finding the right balance. So part time jobs give one the great gift of being their own boss and manage their most precious resource – time. 

Part time jobs near my home are most popular 

Part time jobs also have the promise of “freedom” giving you control over your own time. This is true only when for the part time job you don’t have to commute. Commuting takes the same time, for a part time or a full time job. Therefore a key requirement of the part time job is proximity to home. 

But finding a challenging job can be frustrating 

Finding a part time job can be frustrating. Find a role that is both challenging and allows you to grow professionally and yet satisfies your need for flexibility, and mobility is often a very difficult task. To find a good role that does not have compromises on quality of work and is near home is a challenge. 

Become your own boss at home, like 5000 others have successfully 

Over 5000 entrepreneurs cannot be wrong! Cuemath is the choice of over 5000 entrepreneurs who have opened a cuemath franchise center. Cuemath is one of India’s fastest growing brands and has grown from 1000 centers in 2017 to over 5000 now. 

Cuemath is a brand that specialises in teaching Math to school going students – KG to 8. Over 75% of school going children go for after school help on Math, so this a very large market with millions of potential students and will need many more centers to serve this large growing market.  

Cuemath opportunity available now in over thousands of PIN CODES  

Cuemath is already present in over 750 Pin Codes and looking to expand to more areas. Cuemath is looking to open new centers all across urban India in over a 1000 pin codes. If you are educated with Math as a subject in your bachelors degree, are confident of teaching math to KG – 8th grade you could also open a center, in your pin code in your own home. 

Why do part time when you could be your own boss 

Rather than look for a part time job, that gives you the flexibility of time, mobility and is challenging, become your own boss. Start a Cuemath center.  Cuemath is an ideal partner for women, housewives or educated women on a break, or others looking to run their own businesses but wanting flexibility and yet a challenging role. 

The model is simple, Cuemath will partner you to open a  franchise center from the comfort of your own homes. Cueamth is looking educated entrepreneurs, women and men, to partner them in building a world class math education platform.  

Start a center not near your home, but in your home  

Cuemath centers have grown from less than 1000 centers in 2017 to greater than 5000 centers now. Cuemath is a unique brand that does not have its own centers. It operates only from franchise centers.

Cuemath : Investors such as Google and Sequoia have backed Cuemath 

Cuemath is one of India’s fastest growing companies. With investment from international investors such as Sequoia and Google. These are the most respected names in the investment community and have backed many hundreds of companies such as Whatsapp Truecaller and Apple. 

Choice of the educated entrepreneur 

Over 50% of cuemath partners have a masters degree. Over 3% have a doctorate and over 25% have degrees in different fields. Over 75% of Cuemath partners used to work before in a corporate setting, e.g. in companies like Vodafone, Accenture, Infosys and Tatas. Not surprisingly, 55% of the Cuemath teacher partners have a professional qualification, over 35% have an engineering degree, over 15% have an MBA or CA qualification.  

As a result the Cuemath community is a unique community. 

Be your own boss, At home and at work 

If you have taught your own kids, and are confident of primary and secondary school math, this may be the best opportunity for you. You can set up your center at home as over 5000 other teacher partners have done. 

Enter your details and check if an opportunity is open near you 

Enter your details in this form and get quick feedback on opportunities open near you.  

Work for between 6 to 30 hours a week, from your home  

Work for as little as 6 hours a week, and ramp up to as much as 30 hours a week, it is entirely up-to you. You can decide the class timing and the schedule.  When you work for more time you earn more as each class is 1 hour 3 days a week. Normally classes are after school and can be scheduled between 3 in the afternoon to 8 in the afternoon.

Work from home, with low investment, less than Rs 10000 

Cuemath is an extremely low investment work from home opportunity. In fact running a Cuemath “work from home” center does not require any special setup or infrastructure. 

To begin working from home you need a total investment of just Rs 7,000 for a “Math Box Kit”.  Math box kit is a set of teaching materials (approximate cost Rs 7,000), to use in your at home class.  The company will give this to you before you start your class. It is a one time purchase and the same materials are used for grades KG to 8. Plus you will need an Android Tab. If you already have a tab as many people have that is good enough, else you will need to procure one. If you buy one new, it will cost you an additional 8000 Rs approximately.

And earn upto 40,000 Rs a month from your franchise center 

The single most important factor that determines how much you will earn as a Cuemath teacher is the amount of time you are willing to devote conducting the  to taking Cuemath classes. 

Most teachers earn an average of Rs 20,000 a month with 10 to 15 students, with 6 to 12 hours of class every week. Many teachers earn over Rs 45,000 a month as they devotinge 4 hours a day. Like any entrepreneur with your effort your centre grows, you typically earn more. Like any franchise business It takes 6 months to reach a good size of students. 

Cuemath will train you 

Cuemath will train and certify the teacher. The teacher will obviously need to clear a math course and demonstrate proficiency in Math. However all other aspects like, how to run a business, how to manage students and customers, the teachers will be trained. Cuemath develops and monitors training for all teachers. Sometimes teachers may be required to take a refresher course on math followed up with a test that will be administered by Cuemath, to maintain quality levels.