Linear Graph Calculator

What Is a Linear Graph Calculator?

A linear graph is the graphical representation of a straight line which is represented by the equation of the form 'y = mx+c'. 'Cuemath's Online Linear Graph alculator' is a free online tool that sketches the linear graph passing through two points within a few seconds.

How to Use the Linear Graph Calculator?

Follow the steps mentioned below to sketch the linear graph of the line passing through two points.

  • Step 1- Enter the values of x1, x2, y1, y2.
  • Step 2- Click on "Draw" to sketch the linear graph passing through those points.
  • Step 3- Click on "Reset" to clear the fields and enter the new points.

How to Draw a Linear Graph?

Consider the following steps to plot a linear graph:

  • Select the two points (x1,y1), (x2, y2) to draw the linear graph.
  • Mark the two points on the graph by using their x and y coordinates.
  • Then use a ruler to join the two points with a line passing through those points.

The equation of the line can be found by substituting both the points in the linear equation y = mx+c. The slope 'm' and the vertical intercept 'c'  can be found using both the equations you get from the two points.

Let's learn through an example how to sketch a linear graph.

Solved Example :

Sketch a linear graph passing through points A(1,2) and B(2,3).

Solution :

In the first step, we have to mark the two points A and B on the graph paper. To mark point A, travel 1 unit towards the positive x-axis from the origin (0,0) then 2 units upward. To mark point B, travel 2 units towards the positive x-axis from the origin (0,0) then 3 units upward.

After marking the two points A and B use a ruler and sketch the line passing through the two points.

Linear Graph

Now, use linear graph calculator and sketch the graph of the following points.

1) (2,3), (3,4)

2) (5,6), (7,2)

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