“I fell in love with maths as a young school kid, and I started teaching maths when I was still a second-year student at college. Over the course of 15+ years, I’ve personally taught maths to over 10,000 students. What drives me to build Cuemath - where I still teach daily - is the fact that in tomorrow’s AI world, maths proficiency will no longer be optional for our children.”
MANAN KHURMA - First teacher, founder and CEO
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Trusted by 400,000 parents in 80 countries
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Cuemath students achieve two grade levels ahead of peers
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1M+ App Downloads
4.6 rating on the App Store 4.5 rating on Google Play
ASU + GSV Summit 2023
Named one of the world’s most innovative EdTech companies
ASU + GSV Summit 2023
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Backed by the best in the industry
Over 200,000 students trust Cuemath across 80+ countries for their maths needs
Building #1BillionMathMinds
Help every child fall in love with maths
Bring maths skills to every child globally
Create tomorrow’s problem solvers, today
Our Journey
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Cuemath shares its birthday with one of the greatest mathematicians - Ramanujan
The first version of Cuemath’s maths program shows unprecedented learning outcomes.
Cuemath pioneers a platform tutoring model and onboards its first 100 tutors.
CapitalG (Google Capital) and Sequoia Capital back Cuemath with ~ USD 20M.
Cuemath expands to 2,000+ tutors tutoring 20,000+ students pan India.
Cuemath goes global with an interactive LIVE online class platform.
Cuemath expands its tutor base to 5,000+ maths experts
Despite Covid, Cuemath expands its reach to 20+ countries
Lightrock and AWI back Cuemath with ~ USD 40M
Raised 57M funding in Series C1 and impacts 200k+ students across 80+ countries
What are online classes offered by Cuemath?
Cuemath offers online classes for math to students of all grades. These classes are conducted by expert Cuemath teachers who use the latest technology to make learning engaging and interactive.
How are Cuemath's online classes different from traditional math classes?
Cuemath's online classes are different from traditional math classes in many ways. They are designed to be more interactive and engaging, with a focus on conceptual understanding rather than rote learning. The classes are conducted by expert teachers who provide personalized attention to each student.
Can my child attend Cuemath's online classes from anywhere?
Yes, your child can attend Cuemath's online classes from anywhere as long as they have a stable internet connection and a device that supports the Cuemath app.
What devices are supported by the Cuemath app?
The Cuemath app is supported on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store.