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We are providing the best solutions to Grade 10 NCERT math problems for FREE. These solutions have been prepared, reviewed and verified by our best teachers. Our solutions are better than the others since we have solved most of the problems in a unique way. We start with identifying the given data/information and the values that have to be derived. And then, we provide conceptual reasoning for most of the problems, which is used to arrive at and demonstrate the actual solution. This approach of providing explanations for different steps of problem-solving helps the students understand the fundamental concepts.

The syllabus for NCERT Grade 10 contains 15 chapters in total. Concepts like real numbers, polynomials, pair of linear equations in two variables, quadratic equations, coordinate geometry, arithmetic progressions, trigonometry, circles, surface area and volume, statistics and probability are covered in this grade. Many units are carried forward to higher grades - retaining and utilising these concepts as the foundation.

Following are the chapters for the NCERT 10th Grade:


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