NCERT Solutions

NCERT Solutions
Why you should solve NCERT math problems?
What is unique about Cuemath's NCERT math solutions?

1. NCERT Solutions

We provide solutions for all the questions that are present in the NCERT math textbooks for Grades 7 to 10. The solutions are detailed and provide step by step explanation for all the problems. Specifically, we review each question by taking into consideration the knowns and the unknowns (information/data/values), difficulty level, and on the required steps for reasoning. This approach makes it easier for both the students and the teachers to understand the solution of each problem. Many questions that need pictorial explanation are also provided with diagrams and theoretical solutions. These solutions will help the students for the purpose of both homework and exams.

2. Why you should solve NCERT math problems?

Oftentimes, school teachers ask students to solve NCERT math problems so that a firm understanding of the fundamental concepts is developed or reinforced. Also, students can augment their knowledge about problem-solving methods by comparing solutions provided by their school teacher against the styles adopted by different providers (including Cuemath, which is a leader in the domain of math learning). Furthermore, while students are welcome to refer to different textbooks that are popular among the student communities, they must approach the NCERT books quite seriously as CBSE designs its question papers utilizing the concepts covered in these books. Equally significant is the fact that to design the board question paper, CBSE may select those teachers, who would align their style with the NCERT content.

Learn math better & faster with Cuemath

The Cuemath Advanced Math Program, designed by experts from IIT and Cambridge, is an online, interactive math program for grades 7-10. With a deep focus on helping children understand the 'WHY' behind the 'WHAT' of math concepts, Cuemath helps children learn math better and faster.

When 9/10 Cuemath students score 90+ in math exams within 6 months of classes, the proof is in the pudding or should we say pi.

3. What is unique about Cuemath's NCERT math solutions?

You would notice that the solutions provided by other portals are very generic and concise. Once you download and review Cuemath's NCERT math solutions, you will find that the content is quite elaborate and explanatory. Our approach to problem-solving has been fine-tuned by the in-house experts. Primarily, and wherever feasible, we help the students to locate the given information in the problem itself, to understand what is required to be derived or calculated, and to develop a solid reasoning before attempting the solution (charting a clear path from given information to finding the unknown). This approach has obvious benefits - first, students become efficient in reading and understanding the given problem statement; second, they realize the significance of consistently locating important values that are given and values that need to be derived; and finally, they learn how to think and reason before attempting the solution (linking solutions to the basic concepts covered in the NCERT textbook). The last dimension is specially important as different reasoning techniques are showcased. At Cuemath, we believe that students must learn how to think from the first principles (the WHY before the WHAT) - not only as a math skill but also as a life skill.
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