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NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths

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Class 8 Maths syllabus covers different topics from various domains and may seem difficult for students to learn and prepare. NCERT Maths solutions for class 8 is a good study material for students to prepare easily and to understand fundamental concepts. It is a simple way of practicing math by following step by step solution to each math problem covered in class 8 NCERT maths textbook.

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We also link solutions to the fundamental concepts covered in the NCERT textbook. This is important as students get to think about mathematical problem-solving using the first principles. The syllabus for NCERT Grade 8 contains 16 chapters in total.

Various concepts like linear equations in one variable, rational Numbers, solid shapes are introduced in this grade and are further extended to higher grades. Data handling, comparing quantities, exponents, and powers are explained in detail (these were introduced in the previous grade). Further, these topics are extended to higher grades with detailed structure and explanations.

Class 8 Mathematics Chapters 1 to 16:

Cuemath provides the most accurate and reliable chapter-wise NCERT Solutions to the various math problems covered in the Class 8 NCERT textbooks. Here is a brief context of the chapter-wise solutions for Class 8 Maths:

Chapter-1 Rational Numbers:

Chapter 1 of NCERT maths textbook for class 8 is Rational Numbers which has a total of two exercises. This chapter will introduce the concepts of rational numbers, real numbers, integers, whole numbers, natural numbers and representation of numbers on a number line. These solutions for chapter 1 will also help you understand and learn the additive and multiplicative identities. Download Rational Numbers PDF.

Chapter-2 Linear Equations in One Variable:

Class 8 Maths Chapter 2 has six exercises. The solutions for Linear Equations in One Variable show how to perform mathematical operations on either side of the equation (LHS or RHS) to maintain the balance of the equation. The linear equations in this chapter consist of only one variable. Download Linear Equations in One Variable PDF.

Chapter-3 Understanding Quadrilaterals:

Maths Class 8 Solutions for this chapter has four exercises that will help introduce you to the concept of polygons and their classification. The chapter also explains convex and concave polygons, different types of quadrilaterals like a kite, trapezium, etc. Finally, it also shows an explanation for special parallelograms like a rhombus, rectangle, and square. Download Understanding Quadrilaterals PDF.

Chapter-4 Practical Geometry:

There are five exercises in Chapter 4 of the Class 8 Math textbook. The solutions for this chapter will help you to understand the procedure involved in constructing a quadrilateral. It also shows how to construct unique quadrilaterals in cases where lengths of four sides and a diagonal are given, when two diagonals and three sides are given, when two adjacent sides and three angles are known and also when three sides and two included angles are given. Download Practical Geometry PDF.

Chapter-5 Data Handling:

With these solutions for Class 8 Maths, you can learn and find solutions to the three exercises in this chapter. You will get to learn the importance of data and how to represent data using bar graphs, pie charts, pictographs, etc. These textbook solutions will also introduce you to concepts and terms such as frequency, frequency distribution table, class interval, lower-class limit, upper-class limit and width of the interval. Download Data Handling PDF.

Chapter-6 Squares and Square Roots:

There are four exercises in Chapter 6 of Class 8 Maths Solutions. You will get to learn about the Pythagorean Triplets and understand the procedure to find similar sets of triplets. We also explore square roots, the procedure to find them through repeated subtraction, division method, square roots of decimals and the estimation of square roots. Download Squares and Square Roots PDF.

Chapter-7 Cubes and Cube Roots:

In this chapter, you will learn about topics related to cubes and interesting patterns related to it such as adding consecutive odd numbers, cubes, and their prime factors. Other topics include the smallest multiple that is a perfect cube, cube roots, and procedure to find them. The two exercises in this chapter are well explained in these solutions to give you a complete understanding of Cubes and Cubes Roots. Download Cubes and Cube Roots PDF.

Chapter-8 Comparing Quantities:

The three exercises of Class 8 chapter 8 provides an explanation of Ratios and Percentages, the procedure to find percentage increase or decrease, discounts, Profit and Loss, finding cost price/selling price, profit percentage and loss percentage and different forms of taxes. The formula for Interest and Interest which is compounded annually, half-yearly, quarterly or monthly is explained. Download Comparing Quantities PDF.

Chapter-9 Algebraic Expressions and Identities:

There are a total of five exercises in this chapter and the solutions for this chapter provides an explanation for each exercise in a well-defined way to give you a clear understanding of topics related to standard identities and their application to algebraic expressions. The solutions will also introduce you to expressions and representation of expression on a number line, along with related terms like Factors, Coefficients, Monomials, Binomials and Polynomials, Like and Unlike Terms. Download Algebraic Expressions and Identities PDF.

Chapter-10 Visualising Solid Shapes:

In this chapter, you will understand the 3D solid shapes like cubes, cones, cuboids, spheres, cylinders, etc. The solutions for this chapter provides detailed solutions to the exercise, which will help you learn about 2D, 3D shapes and their graphical representation. Download Visualising Solid Shapes PDF.

Chapter-11 Mensuration:

Chapter 11 on Mensuration has four exercises based on recalling the basic concepts of perimeter and area of various plane figures such as triangles, rectangles, circles etc. Get a detailed explanation and answers on the areas of a trapezium, general quadrilateral, special quadrilateral, and polygons. These solutions will also help you understand the concepts of volume and capacity. Download Mensuration PDF.

Chapter-12 Exponents and Powers:

The solutions for chapter 12 helps in understanding the powers with negative exponents, Laws of Exponents and standard identities. Get answers on comparing very large and very small numbers in the two exercises of this chapter of class 8 maths. Download Exponents and Powers PDF.

Chapter-13 Direct and Inverse Proportions:

There are two exercises in this chapter based on direct and inverse proportions that use real-life situations to explain the concept in an easier manner. With these solutions for Class 8 Maths, you will understand how the increase or decrease of a quantity is affected by that of the first quantity. Download Direct and Inverse Proportions PDF.

Chapter-14 Factorisation:

In the four exercises of chapter 14, you will learn the factorisation of natural numbers and algebraic expressions. These can be either expressions, numbers or algebraic variables. The solutions of Class 8 chapter 14 will help you revise the various methods of factorisation such as the method of common factors, factorisation by regrouping terms, factorisation using identities, etc. and division of algebraic expressions. Download Factorisation PDF.

Chapter-15 Introduction to Graphs:

This chapter on graphs will help you understand the importance and purpose of a graph and its types. Learn to visually represent data on various types of graphs such as bar graph, pie graph, histogram, line graph, etc. with the three exercises of class 8 chapter 15. Download Introduction to Graphs PDF.

Chapter-16 Playing with Numbers:

Chapter 16 of the NCERT maths textbook for class 8 has a total of two exercises. This chapter will show you how to deal with numbers in general form by means of number games and puzzles. These solutions for chapter 8 will help you understand and learn about the Tests of Divisibility for various divisors like 10, 5, 2, 3, 6, 4, 8, 9, 11. Download Playing with Numbers PDF.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How are NCERT Solutions prepared and what edge do they provide?  

NCERT solution for class 8 students is an excellent learning guide for students to secure good marks in exams. These solutions are framed by well qualified and experienced educators to provide deep conceptual knowledge to the students on various topics in class 8 math. A perfect guide to ace CBSE class 8 exam, these solutions are meant to prepare children for the best future competitive studies.

Why are NCERT Solutions awesome to prepare for exams? 

NCERT Maths Solutions are an amazing way of encouraging math learning in Class 8 students. Created by the best math experts in the country after long research and analysis, these solutions are exclusively designed to impart a strong conceptual knowledge in students through continuous practice. These solutions serve as an excellent resource to prepare students for the Class 8 exam. They not only help students in preparing for exams but also builds their confidence to face various competitive exams with a positive approach.

These solutions are well structured in a very simple and easy language to optimize self-learning in children. With these solutions, students grasp concepts better in a shorter time limit thus learning time-management for exams. Providing coverage to all the important topics and concepts, these solutions are helpful in preparing for various competitive exams including Math Olympiad, NTSE, etc.

Cuemath provides the most reliable and highly effective math solutions from Class 7-10. Our solutions not only help students to prepare for exams but also help them in enhancing their problem-solving ability and reasoning power. With Cuemath's solutions, it becomes simple and easy for students to grasp various mathematical concepts in detail.

When to refer to NCERT Solutions for Class 8?

Mathematics in Class 8 covers topics based on complicated domains including trigonometry, probability, statistics, etc. Preparation for this type of learning requires thorough practice and a strong conceptual understanding of each and every topic. To achieve this conceptual proficiency, these solutions are the most reliable and useful reference for Class 8 students. The solutions also provide students with the necessary guidance and help with their homework and exam preparation. It can prove to be an efficient guide for self-learning in students in the absence of a tutor.

Why Cuemath’s NCERT Solutions are best?

A guide to the best math learning practices, Cuemath’s solutions are formulated by our in-house math experts to provide a competitive edge to the Class 8 students. You can simply learn from these high-quality, error-free video solutions as they are created in very simple and easy to understand language. These solutions are well explained to give in-depth knowledge of each and every topic in Class 8 Maths. Designed in a very concise yet explanatory and precise manner to impart a clear conceptual knowledge, Cuemath solutions are formulated to create reasoning and problem-solving approach in kids.

How are Cuemath solutions different from competitors?

Cuemath offers the most effective Maths text and video solutions for Class 8 to help students prepare for exams. Our solutions are created by our in-house Maths experts, according to NCERT guidelines. They not only provide chapter wise solutions to various topics of Class 8 Mathematics textbooks but also help students grasp various mathematical concepts. Each topic in these solutions is elaborated in a highly detailed and efficient manner to implement faster and easier learning.

Cuemath’s math solutions are the most reliable and highly effective math solutions designed according to the guidelines laid down by NCERT to develop a strong conceptual foundation in students for future competitive exams. It is a highly effective way of scoring high not only in board exams but also in various competitive exams including NTSE, Math Olympiad, etc.

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How can NCERT Solutions help in exam preparation?

NCERT Maths Solutions are the best way to attain the right approach for precisely answering the questions in exams. Keeping in mind the exam pattern and most coverage from NCERT books, these solutions are well formulated to provide excellent exam results. These solutions promote impactful learning to top board exams because each exercise with complete solutions is explained in a detailed and strategic manner. It serves as an efficient way to optimize learning for better exam results. By practicing the exercises and reasoning provided in solutions, students attain a step by step clear conceptual understanding of topics required for good exam preparation.

Importance of NCERT Solutions for Competitive exams

Maths is not only an important subject but is also an essential life skill required for facing future challenges. It helps to enhance the problem solving and analytical capabilities in students required for being successful in life. When a child learns math through constant practice of these solutions, it helps them to develop their confidence to face competitive exams. These Solutions are well framed by famous math experts to implement faster learning. NCERT solutions are designed according to the best child learning practices to develop a strong conceptual knowledge in students. These Solutions for Class 8 Maths contains a step by step elaborated solution to each problem in a detailed manner. When Class 8 students use these Solutions to practice and revise math, they get a clear understanding of the fundamentals and develop a conceptual proficiency which is highly important for competitive exams like Math Olympiad.

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