Complex Numbers

Complex Numbers

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This chapter begins with a basic introduction of complex numbers, the importance of i, how they can be represented on a graph as a point in the plane, and magnitude and argument of complex numbers. We then cover the following concepts - arithmetic of complex numbers where powers of iota, addition, and subtraction, multiplication, and conjugate of complex numbers are explained. The next section concentrates on quadratic equations and geometric significance of arithmetic operations like addition and subtraction of complex numbers, with graphs and examples. We also present the interpretation of |z1 – z2 | as a circle, and this is followed by various examples.

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Important Topics

Complex Numbers-Points in the Plane

What is i?

Magnitude and Argument

Powers of IOTA

Addition and Subtraction of Complex Numbers

Multiplication of Complex Numbers

Conjugate of a Complex Number

Division of Complex Numbers

Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations

Addition of Complex Numbers

Subtraction of Complex Numbers

Interpretation of z1-z2

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Complex Numbers
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Complex Numbers
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Complex Numbers
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